Nepalese's Politics

Nepalese Politics has been in turmoil for over a decade now. During this time, we have seen a lot of ups and downs - from People's war, unity between seven parties, abolishment of monarchy, establishment of first President of Federal Democratic Republic Nepal to breaking up of parties due to changes in leader's philosophy or for in other cases for opportunitistic reasons. Each and every leader claims to be better than others and wants to be the Prime Minister of Nepal to lead the country to a new height of economic prosperity, yet, eventually fails miserably like one's predecessor due to lack of vote of confidence in Nepalese Parliament. In this context, it has become very important for people and leaders to understand how their credibility stands among Nepalese people. In this age of information technology and social networking, we don't need to have an expensive election to find out popularity of leaders among our people. This is an excercise to find out just that.

Please let's take a poll on find out the reality on the ground.

Current Poll

Trustworthy Leader

Who is the most trustworthy leader and will keep Nepal's interest above one's own?

The vote is already over! It ended on Saturday, 18.August 2012 (00:00).

We encourage you to register in the forum on this website (, however, you need not register to vote. If you like this poll, please share this with your friends or on your social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or any other website you might be using. The goal is to get atleast 100,000 votes within a month to get the polling error as less as possible.